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FYI is a self-managed dance group, which was established in late 2017 in Switzerland. It is composed of young people, ages 16-24, who share similar interests such as dancing, creating and K-Pop (Korean Pop Music).

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We have been asked multiple times why we always wear face masks in our videos and for most people, it is quite intriguing. Our answer is simple. Privacy.


The online world can be a very scary place, therefore, the idea of putting ourselves "out there" is something that we really have to think about (Are we confident enough? Are we ready and strong enough to handle the consequences attached to being exposed in public, where everyone is entitled to their own judgements? We all know how it is.) We also wish for our viewers to focus more on our dance, passion and concept and for them to like us for it, rather than the typical "appearance-based support". We are aware that facial expressions are as important as the movement/dance itself, however, we would like to set ourselves apart from the norm and would like to showcase our progress in dancing and creating for now. When the time has come, where we are all ready and confident enough to take things to the next level, maybe... just maybe... it could be time to uncover these masks. 

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Why we wear masks


Sorry to break it to you, but "this" FYI does not stand for For Your Information. "This" FYI has another, yet deeper meaning behind it. And here is why:


As young people like we are, it is not uncommon for some of us to feel lost or to feel like a stranger to our own self especially during this time of our lives where we are still developing and finding ourselves. The purpose behind the creation of our YouTube channel is mainly for self-discovery and for self-improvement. With this, we are finally stepping out of our comfort zone and are ready to face new challenges for personal growth. By finally starting this hobby where we constantly challenge ourselves to bring out the best in us, we hope to build the self-assurance/self-confidence that we need and also to obtain more knowledge about our personalities and real capabilities, finding out what makes us happy and what our real passion is.


Stepping out of your comfort zone might feel really scary at first. Thankfully, FYI enabled us to connect with such great and passionate people, which made our journeys pleasant and fun. Without even realizing it, we constantly find ourselves realizing how much we grew and improved project after project, and over time, we also start to realize how we are actually growing together more like a family than just being dancing mates. Because the group has members originated from different parts of the globe, it made us all open and aware of new cultures and personalities, which always makes it more interesting. With all the fun memories made in and outside the dance room, this group is not only here to bring the best in us but also acts as a second family for all members.


In short, this FYI stands for Find Your Identity, just as we are trying to "find our identities" by turning this "used-to-be interest" into a hobby, where we try to unleash our inner creativity and talent with passion.

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FYI Stands For


Our goal is to inspire others to also build the courage and start finding their passion by not hesitating to try out things that could potentially make them grow and happy.


Dancing used to be something we were only interested in. Now that we are seeking to know more about ourselves, we decided to start our self-discovery journey by turning an interest into a hobby, which could hopefully blossom into a passion for some of us. The members see this YouTube channel as a perfect place to showcase the capabilities they might not have known about in the first place and to unleash their inner creativity in dancing or in content creating. We hope to encourage others to stop hesitating and just start doing the things they have been interested in doing, as long as it is for the right purpose and right intentions.


Like we mentioned earlier, we are not professional dancers. We are all self-taught and most of us have never gone to workshops. But regardless of the lack of experience, what matters the most is that we all enjoy doing these things and that we have these memories that we could look back on later in our lives. There is always room for improvement and we should all always be open to considering other people's perceptions and be open to helpful and constructive criticisms. Let us all be respectful towards each other and to ourselves and build a positive community together. :)


To sum things up, happiness is the most important thing and life is too short to hold yourself back from trying out fun activities like dancing. Everything can be learned and with perseverance, patience, and the right mindset, we believe you can achieve anything. You never really know what you're capable of unless you try. 

Just go for it! :)

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